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NSR. Nut Sack Racing needs two drivers for BT. The team is all military and we have two drivers that cant make this race. Car is a finisher. 1983 celica, we run class "C". We have class finish 3rd twice and a 5th. We won judges choice in sonoma. Great car handles ok and keeps up with bmw on straights. BUT, its a 1983 celica cant go faster than a bmw in corners, cant go deeper into corner either. It a 1983 and we still have rear drum breaks, but we have a V8..not ls1 engine with 400 hp but a little 302 off truck with c4 trans..maybe 200 hp. Car was built for turning laps which it does well.

**** Looking for win. *****

Driver needs know when they are overdriving this antique.

Driver needs to have discipline to run a clean race, black flags have killed this cars winning capabilities. We will see the checker each day!!

Driver needs to be able to refuel, air tires and have been to a Lemons race and some sort of experience. 

We will donate some money from win to fundraiser and pay drivers fees back (175) rest will go into car for class B upgrades. (Teams rule)

Text me Marvin 9313380754

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Email me also.

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One more and we have enough for the team. Im looking to win class c so i can put some upgrades onto the celica. It truly is a class b car. Its a reliable car.

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Did you get your team filled?

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All seats filled. Thanks and see you at the track.