Topic: Helmet for Hellboy?

Hi guys!

I thought I was being good by ordering my helmet far in advance but after returning one, being promised what I want and now finding my money returned I'm in a bit of a crunch.

My head is quite large, XXL, and is wider than most peoples where Hellboy has horns.  This makes the Geforce that I tried on pretty uncomfortable.

So I decided that since I liked the Pyrotect that I bought circa 2009 that I'd just buy a new one.  Well they called and said they didn't have the regular helmet but would the duckbill be OK?  I agreed based on the only difference being the duckbill.  When it arrived it had half as many vent holes.  Not good for racing in August!  They were really nice and took it back but apparently that's the only thing available now. 

Sooo anyone else out there unfortunate enough to have a similarly shaped head and happy with their helmet?



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