Topic: Pre fabbed weld in cages.

Im thinking about going this route. We have a certified welder on our team so assembly of this should be straight forward. This looks like it checks all the boxes to past tech, right? What are your thoughts? … /33351.htm

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Re: Pre fabbed weld in cages.

That's a lot of money for a cage kit and it doesn't look like it's going to pass tech. all day every day.

You'll need a tubing notcher.  A quality bit in the harbor freight notcher works great.

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Re: Pre fabbed weld in cages.

RCC X2!!!

I got a custom cage to my dimensions, DOM, 3 NASCAR style door bars both sides, angled halo, dash bar, plus some extra bars, and it was just over 700 including the shipping from VA to CT.

We will use them again.


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Re: Pre fabbed weld in cages.

And a third vote for Roll Cage Components.  they probably do 50+ cages a year for Lemons and I have never paid more than $700 delivered to the nearest Freight depot.  We have gotten two from them and even with an issue with both ( one their issue, one FedEx) it was still such a pleasant experience I will do it again.

Re: Pre fabbed weld in cages.

+4 for RCC.  Jim is great to work with and makes great cages.   I've used 3 from him so far.

As far as your certified welder goes has he built a cage before?  It's not as simple as just putting it together.  There are a lot of specific rules for exactly where bars should go.  Do a fair amount of research before you start cutting.  I highly recommend getting another Lemons team to talk to you about it before making the first cut.  Then have their cell number as issues pop up.  It's a huge help.  Lots of full time welders often make failing cages in Lemons and cutting them out really sucks.

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Re: Pre fabbed weld in cages.

+5 for Jim at RCC.  We would go nowhere else.  We have a certified welder that comes and welds the cage, but under our supervision with us helping.  Read all the rules over and over so you know what you should be building. Start early so you are not throwing it in at the last minute.  Find a veteran Lemons team to pre-tech your car for you.

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Re: Pre fabbed weld in cages.

+6 for Jim at RCC.  Save yourself time and money and just call Jim.

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