Topic: A&D available at Buttonwillow

We've got a slot or two available for Buttonwillow. It's the Porsche 924 that Spank lent an SU to for Inde.

It'll have fresh tires and a different engine, but I'm hoping it will still be in Class C.

Right now we are 3... driver strategy? Not so much. Running? That's the plan.

You: can drive stick and not break the car so badly it has to get fixed while the track is hot. If you live in nearby (to me) BFE and can show up to wrench, that's a bonus.

We'll be camping at the track with the "new" trailer, so there's probably room for you to sleep. It's got a fridge and stuff

Caveat: I don't promise to make this a dream come true and I might send you off on uncompensated wild goose chases for parts/fuel/beer.

Sound like your kind of party?
$600 covers your share of of the fees and getting the car to the track.

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Re: A&D available at Buttonwillow

Not looking for a team, but just to let you know, me and a couple of my teammates have owned many 924s for the past 25 years or so, so if you want help wrenching or parts (have a ton of extra vw/924 junk) or anything like that, find us in the green/white Takata Honda Accord.  We've had mostly the older Audi engine ones, but also 944s and 951s.

I'll try and come by to say hi anyway!

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Re: A&D available at Buttonwillow

Thanks for the offer!

This one did start life with an Audi engine... still has 4 bolt wheels and drums in the back.

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