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I have a 1994 Roadmaster Estate Wagon that I must clear out of the garage. It was my daily driver until last winter's rains left it with a couple inches of standing water. I pulled the carpet to dry it out, but decided to go further and diagnose the inoperable blower. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a misguided effort and the subsequent series of events has made it unlikely the Roadmaster will reclaim its daily driver status. So, it's gotta go.

This is an unfortunate turn of events as this wagon is a truly beautiful machine (though not cosmetically).

Here's why this RWM will be great platform for your next Lemons car:

  • LT1!

  • Posi rear!

  • Vista roof!

  • 17" Impala SS wheels!

I refreshed, renewed and repaired quite a bit when I purchased the car in 2014:

  • Suspension: higher-rate springs and dampers, all bushings now urethane, new balljoints.

  • Steering: new tie rod ends, center link and rebuilt steering gear (actually, not very good).

  • Hub/brakes: new front rotors/hubs/wheels bearings/seals, front calipers/pads, rear shoes.

  • New fuel pump.

The prior owner made some modifications of his own:

  • Replaced mechanical fan with electric fans.

  • Installed K&N filter.

  • Installed lots of sweet decorative pieces under the hood that the judges can make fun of you for.

Current condition:

  • Front carpet is out, seats are out, IP is out, airbags are out. It's just about ready for a cage.

  • It should run, but you'll need to tow it as it's not safe to drive in its state.

I actually really, really enjoy this car. It scoots along nicely and rides fairly well. If it has a weakness, it's the steering. The rebuilt unit I bought is terrible; you can drive down the road like you're in a '50s TV show, cycling the wheel +/30 degrees from side to side and carry on without the slightest hint of lateral impulse. I think it's just a sloppy gear as everything downstream is new. If the steering were better, it would be a shockingly satisfying car to drive.

Unfortunately, getting it all sorted out is just not in the cards for me right now, so I'd like to see an experienced team take it on to give it the best chance possible to get out in a race. If I still have it in a few days, I'll donate it or scrap it.

I can send you pics if that it makes a difference. But I'll be suspicious of you if it does. Trust me when I say it is gorgeousness and gorgeousity made steel. And it is ripe for Lemons.

Feel free to reply or PM me with questions.

Re: 1994 Roadmaster Wagon - $500 in SF, CA

I hope someone picks this up.  Would be a fine racing machine.

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Re: 1994 Roadmaster Wagon - $500 in SF, CA

Sir Thomas Crapper wrote:

Would be a fine racing machine.

Darn fine, indeed.

Update: turns out getting this at least mostly sorted was in the cards. It's back together, running, driving, and--best of all--out of the garage. HVAC blower is still inop and I'm still looking for someone to take it racing.