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Hey guys I'm new to the Lemons Rally. Does anyone know when they will open registration for the 2018 Moscow to paris rally? I gotta slam a transmission is my focus wagon and wanted to know a time frame.



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Very soon. We have the basic overnight stops planned for it; the registration page should come up soon. We'll announce it everywhere soon.

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Re: Moscow Rally 2018

If we do the deals gap thing again perhaps you could notify them

they would probably at least open the gas pumps or parking lot

you could also consider fontana dam as an overnight. it's right behind the dragon and will be hella cheap that time of year it's all cabins and hotel rooms could probably snag that stuff for crazy cheap

they got tons of parking and fire pits

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Awesome thanks guys!

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I guess this thread is over, so now we can hijack it with other stuff about the Moscow Rally 2018....?????

I've been thinking I need to go on this one, because it's a hella long drive there from AZ, and it'll be colder than a witch's ***ty, and I need to be helping the robot team that time of the year, etc.

so I've been looking at cars to buy for it. I'm thinking 1940s old.

But then I realized I have a couple old things sitting around the house that might work. Specifically, the hearse or the bread truck. Still waiting for David to do the title on the hearse. But the bread might work.

55 Chevy chassis, ABC body, from Los Angeles. No motor in it right now, it came with the 235, but PO removed it and put in a 305 v8. which I removed because it didn't fit very well. I have a couple 292 sixes I could put together for it. Or the 270 that's in the 58 GMC school bus (the bus is another candidate, but further from working). I already put a slightly newer rearend in the bread truck, and got some front wheels on it that don't match the back, but they're a size I can get tires for.

the bread truck is empty in back, and would need some type of cheesy living quarters. so I don't have to spend all my gas money on hotel rooms. I think a furnace would be the most important thing. And a couple big propane tanks.

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