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Topic: Bay Area team with an open spot

PicknPull Racing just got off of the wait list for Sonoma on 12/2 and 12/3.  We have our three regular drivers and one available seat. 

We have a 1991 Honda Accord that is finally getting pretty sorted out.  We've finished all but one one the seven races we have entered.  Our only DNF was because our transmission layshaft inner bearing turned into a handful of shiny oblong pebbles.  Lately we keep finishing in 50th or 49th at Sonoma.  We're never going to win anything because we learned that if we try long stints we get tired and make dumb mistakes and get into penalty trouble.  But we do as well as we can and have great fun.

$600 plus one tank fill up (around 12 gallons) for the drive.  Includes entry fees but not the Lemons License.  We share a HANS so if your helmet is so equipped that's easy, otherwise you supply your own head restraint and personal safety gear. 

We'd like a driver with non-crashy non-back flaggy experience.

We'd also be interested in a full time team member, particularly someone who can share costs and help wrench.


Re: Bay Area team with an open spot

I'm talking to a few people about joining our team.  Thanks to all who have emailed.  I've posted ads like this in the past and got no response.  This time I've gotten several.  I guess it is because of our record DOMINATING in the 50th to 60th place range.  If we fail to land a sucker to help up pilot our hooptie, I'll repost here.