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Topic: New Team in NW Ohio/SE Mich

I've been interested in getting into racing in Lemons/Chumps/AER/NASA/SCCA/etc.

I'm in the NW Ohio area.  Looking for people from the surrounding area that have the time and interest to do 4+ races a year (Autobahn?, Gingerman?, Mid-OH?, Corvette Museum?, ++?)

Current Have's:

- Immediate leads and funds for turnkey cars, not looking to have to build it all out.  Definitely want to work on it once we have it though.

- Open indoor garage space to store the car/tools/tires/etc

- Myself ..., plus One gent with multi-year Lemon's experiences on multiple teams, and Another gent with a desire to drive and willingness to wrench.

Current Need's:

- More like minded people in the area with time and motivation to do laps!!  MESSAGE ME on here!!!!  Or post and I'll reply.

New to racing on a track, but have owned a variety of vehicles that I've very much explored the handling limits of ...  I'm also rather good with a wrench and don't mind getting dirty, as I exclusively serviced/modified the Yamaha and SpecV when I had them.

Have plenty of time, a little extra money to cover myself and my portion of the team expenditures, plus a lot of enthusiasm to get out there and put laps down.

Have owned/tinkered with:

- 1972 Buick Skylark, 2dr hardtop, 350ci engine, 4bbl carbs, dual straight cherry bombs
- 1998 Nissan Sentra SE
- 1999 Yamaha R1
- 2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R SpecV
- 2008 Scion tC
- 2011 Nissan 370Z Nismo

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Re: New Team in NW Ohio/SE Mich

Good luck, I've been stalled at 2 team mates for years now here in NE Ohio. We just pick up an arrive and drive for races (one of your guys might even be one of the guys we raced with a couple times) If you have 3, I'd recommend hitting the ground running now and worry about more people later after you have a Race Car you can trick them into holding the Puppy with.

Also 4+ races a year!? Plan on A&D because I don't know of many adults that have that kind of money:free time ratio. Most of the lots of races teams tend to have a lot of "irregulars" they can call up for potential A&D slots.

Let me know if you need a hand or questions or whatever, since you're only a few hours away.

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A&D: 2014 Sebrings at Sebring (NSF), 2014 NJMP2 Jurassic Park (SpeedyCop), 2012 Summit Point J30 (PiNuts)

Re: New Team in NW Ohio/SE Mich

I'm based out of northern Indiana and I ran 4 races this year while being a one man team. I am hoping to do as many as 7 in 2018. You don't need teammates if you're willing to work your ass off.

Re: New Team in NW Ohio/SE Mich

I'm over by Jackson, MI.  I have a 93 Mustang 2.3 that I've had for a few years that I still haven't finished.  I bought it with the roll cage mostly in, it needs finished welding, and the flywheel is missing a few teeth.  I have a 2 year old and my wife travels plus I've been doing a lot of projects.  But the shop is almost done (I have to hand the outside solar lights) then I can get it inspected and it will be done.  The posts are up for the pole barn (storage) and the construction crew is supposed to be here tomorrow to hang the trusses and finish it off (should be enclosed by next weekend).  I have a bathroom I'm finishing in the basement (original owners had it roughed in but never finished it) and then hopefully I can quit playing construction worked and get back to playing mechanic.

The plan is to get the Mustang together and run an event or 2 and then swap it to a 2.3 turbo and then see what develops from there.

I've been playing crew in SCCA since '99 (starting with F500 and then SRF but many others also) and have been been playing Lemons (and Chump and AER) since '08 or '09.  I know just enough to be dangerous.


Re: New Team in NW Ohio/SE Mich

I'm moving out to SE MI in the next month or so. Got my first taste of Lemons experience this year in California running events at Sonoma and Thunderhill with some friends that had purchased a well sorted Lemons racer. Definitely looking to get involved in a Lemons operation once I move!

I've got some prior experience in karting  and a couple of driving schools under my belt, plus the previous Lemons events this year (no yellows!). I work in automotive and am more than willing to get my hands dirty and turn a wrench when needed!

Re: New Team in NW Ohio/SE Mich

I'm in Troy MI. I have some fabricating experience, and can figure most things out with enough google. I'm also willing to learn.

I've got a 2006 Mazda5 that's almost Lemons worthy, except it's my daily driver

Re: New Team in NW Ohio/SE Mich

I just moved to Berkley, MI.  Would be willing to do two or three races this year at Autobahn and Gingerman.  (or possibly more races at other tracks for other series)

Have a race car ready to go with all the kit and tools.  It is a Honda Fit that runs in B-SPEC in SCCA.  So it isn't fast, but it sure is fun and a good way to learn how to extract every ounce of a car on any track.

Let me know if this sounds interesting.  I ran the car at Indianapolis for the SCCA Runoffs last year as well as Grattan Majors.  Podium at Grattan, so the car is sufficient to do well against similar cars.

Let me know if this works for you.


Re: New Team in NW Ohio/SE Mich

Emails sent, awaiting replies.

Re: New Team in NW Ohio/SE Mich

I am not in the area so i will be unable to assist with any maintenance, but i am willing to fly out on a regular basis for the laps and put forth towards teams expenditures.

Re: New Team in NW Ohio/SE Mich

I'm from West Michigan and run at Gingerman for open track days with Scca/ sbr. I'm up for driving and support.

Re: New Team in NW Ohio/SE Mich

Sent you a message we are already a established team but look for drivers and the car is located in Cleveland,Ohio not to far away.