Topic: Any footage of Carnage in the Carousel?

Sometime around 11:00am on Sunday there was a multi-car incident at the top of the carousel that put at least 2 cars out of the race, including the Re-Start Racing's #36 Ford Ranger.  We are trying to understand how it all happened and would appreciate if anyone has any video they can share to shed some light on it.

Thanks in advance

Re: Any footage of Carnage in the Carousel?

Let me start by admitting our camera was dead and we do not have footage of the incident. Also, I was not driving and can only repeat what our driver had said.
  I believe your poor ranger was the car that was T-boned by our 944. Our driver reported that there was heavy traffic entering the carousel, and some aggresive cars trying to get through. He said a car ended up getting spun and he was unable to avoid hitting them.
I am glad no one was injured, as I heard the other car's fuel system ruptured. After 7 seasons being the lucky ones skating out of incidents like this, our car finally met its maker. The Porch Racing/Depend-able 944 is officially RUF'd up for good.
  I feel bad that we were in the zone when I believe you guys came over to talk about it after. We were heart broken and trying to resurrect our love. I would love to see video of the whole ordeal to better understand the event. From my understanding we were behind the initial contact (it sounded like a couple cars got contacted) but could not avoid the spinning cars down the carousel. We are sorry for the hard hit and hope your driver is feeling ok. Let us know if there is any way we can help.
On a side note that I have to mention: for the rest of you who was fortunate enough to not be in the carousel at this time... I was in the grandstand watching the ranger get loaded on the flatbed and saw SEVERAL cars come spinning down the carousel past the safety crew. Yellow flags were up, and yet people were loosing complete control of their cars with safety crew walking around the track. That is scary and should also be addressed. I get that there was fuel on the track, but if we injure the safety crew who is going to save us. Alternatively, many times in the weekend yellow flags would come up (and even white flags or black flags) and drivers would SLAM on their brakes. Saturday I saw one pile up in my mirror in the exit of the carousel because the car in front of us did exactly this with no immediate reason to slow and a full view down the back straight. They probably had no idea what they caused behind them.
This makes me concerned that proper flag etiquette is not making it through to rookie drivers. It's always been a thing, but was downright dangerous this weekend.

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Re: Any footage of Carnage in the Carousel?

Thanks for sharing your perspective and no need for an apology, you guys got caught up in it as well so sorry to hear about your car.  Driver was fine and the truck will survive, but given where it happened and where the truck ended up, it could have certainly been much worse.  From our perspective, we are just trying to piece together the chain of events so that we can figure out what, if anything, we can do differently.

I agree with you on flag etiquette and ensuring we keep the safety crews safe while they are out there.  The last thing we need is for one of those guys / gals to get injured and I seriously doubt that anybody's race is going to come down to whether or not they chose to race near a working safety crew so why risk it...

Hopefully, someone out there has some video or saw what triggered this incident.

Re: Any footage of Carnage in the Carousel?

When I drove by the ranger waaay up on the hill I saw a white BMW 5 series(80s version) puking gas out of the back of the car.  It looked like a fuel line had broken downstream of the pump because the car was off the track and the amount coming out of the car was impressive.  Maybe that slicked up the track enough to send everyone flying.

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Re: Any footage of Carnage in the Carousel?

Ya, the BMW and our Ranger were side by side when it happened with the Ranger on the inside and the BMW outside.  Their ruptured fuel tank happened as the result of contact from  whatever triggered the whole thing.  From the damage and where the truck ended up, we suspect we had initial contact in the left rear, but it's hard to say which damage came from the initial contact and which came from secondary impacts.

Re: Any footage of Carnage in the Carousel?

Sorry to hear about all of the carnage. We were very fortunate this weekend and had our best race yet. Mechanical Dan, if you are in the market another driver offered me a free 944 this weekend. It's in the Fairfield area. I don't know the year or any particulars but if you're at all interested I can put you in contact.
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