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Greetings from the #16 "Bad Santa" BMW 328i team (the guys with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer's skull mounted to the hood).

This was our team and car's first race, and my first competitive driving experience of any kind. We had an absolute blast, despite some mechanical setbacks that cost us a few hours. An expansion tank failure set us back 4 hours on Saturday, but a trip to United BMW Gwinnett and some high-speed wrenching got us back on the track...only to overheat again early Sunday afternoon due to a radiator hose coming detached. Fortunately we got the problem sorted out in time to run the last 3.5 hours on Sunday without any problems (other than me going way too slow).

I've uploaded about nine hours of on-board video with OBD II, GPS & lap time data overlays from pretty much every moment that our car wasn't spewing water all over itself. Enjoy!

Session 1 (Saturday):
Session 2 (Sun. AM):
Session 3A (Sun. PM):
Session 3B (Sun. PM):