Topic: Moscow 18: Anyone Bringing Beetle pan?

I'd hate to show up in the same Lemon as another team, so.... Anybody else bringing a beetle pan based fiberglass body two seater with a truck bed in burnt orange???

No? What are ya bringin?

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Re: Moscow 18: Anyone Bringing Beetle pan?

Whatever you do, bring a spare set of Fingers and Toes. You'll need em by day 2.

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Re: Moscow 18: Anyone Bringing Beetle pan?


No VW here but Rag-Tag team Valiant Effort will hopefully make it to the starting line in our 69 Plymouth Valiant that we purchased at the end of December in New England.  Since this car was acquired, my daily driver and street machine have absolutely refused to function reliably so I'm hoping that means the Plymouth will run flawlessly when I get the fuel system back together.  Or at least someone can take a little amusement from my misery... or life lessons...

Hope! to see you there!


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