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Type44 wrote:

Is it really that hard to put a manual from an Escort in one of these?

The tempo is rare for a reason. Might not have enough supply let to be picky about drivetrain...

Lends a larger sense of urgency for the one that was a mere 30 miles from you about a month ago, eh?

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More Lemons Wish List: Crappy GM Hatchbacks. You probably won't touch an Aerocoupe for Lemons money (CHALLENGE ISSUED), but you can probably make a perfectly Lemons one out of a hammered old V6 Cutlass.


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What? No love for the '78 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon? Edit: Err, nevermind. Turns out these aren't hatchbacks oddly enough.

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'87 Manual Topaz... 

Tuscon CL #6611034518

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