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3 of us are Marines stationed here in Jax, NC.  I personally have experience with drag racing and have no turned my sights to Lemons. I consider myself a better than average DIY'r wrencher.  The other Marines are Nate and JD. Nate is a V22 pilot and JD (fantastic wrencher) is a Motor T guy by trade. The other two  - Kyle and Matt - are ricers/avid auto racer enthusiasts from the Tampa area. Along with our Team Mech Nick.

The car is a '96 Crown Vic, and if you want more info, tough cookies until we agree you'll drive.

Ok so for costs, everything would be split by (6) bc we have (6) drivers should you choose to join up. Everyone will pitch in for fuel for the car, tires (about $150 each tire), and other incidentals leading up to and during the race itself.  Currently we are painting it in a Marine Corps garb, with tan digital pattern on one side and woodland digital pattern on the other with a Marine Corp blood stripe down the center (see pics). It’s a $600 registration fee for the team, of which you would pay $100 of that, along with your $195 per driver fee and the $60 Lemons license. So, I would have about $600ish in expendable cash would be a good place to start.

As a team, we intend on arriving to CMP NLT noon on 26 April in order to secure spots for all our trailers and families to be close to one another.  Practice on the 27th, race day on the 28/29.  Also, it is my intention to race at CMP again in September (which includes a car show the afternoon before the race) and again at Road Atlanta in December.

here is the deal, the payments for the CMP race are due Saturday, so my balls are in a vice here.  Need a driver! Hit me up!

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Challenge accepted.
Very interested, email me @ or call me 205-789-9718.
Sending forum email now....but they take a while.
Thank You.

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To quote Forrest Gump....
"Seat taken"

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Obviously you found someone for CMP. I see some of your boys are in Tampa. Is that where the car is too?  I may be interested in joining for a future race and helping wrench if it’s around here. I’m in Clearwater and am a decent wrench plus a bunch of other stuff that would be useful.