Topic: Wrench, Driver in San Antonio Looking For Team - S.A., Houston, Austin

Fellas -

I currently live in Naples, Italy (active duty Army) but moving to San Antonio in July.  Looking for a team to join or maybe form a team somewhere within a few hours of San Antonio.

I've been wrenching on and off for decades.  Have a fairly well equipped shop - drill press, hydraulic press, oxy/acetylene and MIG, blast cabinet, set up for painting, etc, etc, etc.  Will have a trailer (probably open) and tow vehicle soon after we arrive in July.

Have funds available (as long as my wife doesn't see this thread). 

My wheelhouse is drivetrain stuff - including complete engine and transmission rebuilds.  Pretty good with brakes and suspension, too. 

Extra credit for folks wanting to do something vintage.  I'm 50, so vintage for me usually means something 60's or 70's.  Currently have Ford, Pontiac, and AMC musclecars, and a few metric shit-tons of leftovers, so I'd have a pretty good start on parts for any of these.  Also have a vintage Alfa, but I'm thinking no one races one of these.

Please reply, pm, or e mail