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FWA is looking to fill our 3rd and 4th seats for NJ due to job conflicts with our normal drivers.

Running a B-class ’05 Focus wagon. Although down on power from the faster B's, it handles great, and brakes with the best of them. I drag a large stable of spares to the track just in case (including engine and trans) and as long as I get Nick's email fast enough the plan is to get a garage. Just rebuilt the tranny, motor is strong, brakes and tires are fresh, should be well sorted.

Get in touch with your cred and for additional details on car/setup. Lemons experience preferred, but this is only our third year, so I won't hold being green against you.

900 per seat. I cover everything car related, you provide your own food, lodging, driver gear and butt(s). If for some reason we don't get a garage I will refund ya 50 bucks.

Turn the car into a ball on your watch and deemed your fault, we arm wrestle for how many pennies you owe me

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Re: NJMP - Two seats need butts

Hey buddy-
From your email, it sounds like you are assuming the garages are sold through Loudon...
They are not.  Don't expect to hear from Nick....
(I assume you were accepted to the race...)

Get your garage reserved via the NJ track web site.  Usually they don't sell out, but they don't procrastinate...

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Re: NJMP - Two seats need butts

Roger that! Didnt snag one last year and forgot to read the fine print, thanks for the heads up!