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Topic: Driver needed for Joliet, preferably under 6'2"

Miata-based team is seeking a driver.  No wrenching skills needed.  Just a decent driver in a low powered RWD car.

Car is fairly sorted, this will be the 6th race.  It is mostly stock, we just lap in class A and try to keep our nose clean.  Due to left over consumables from the Gingerman Fall 2017 rain race, we're offering up a seat for the low, low price of $500 plus a case of the best beer you can find.  You will be on your own for the late fees to get last-minute registered with the Lemons folks.

Please email BionicPhil at gmail if you are available or interested or mildly amused.  You can PM me here, but I might not see it as quickly.

Thanks, and via con dios.