Topic: Driver available for CMP

Rookie driver here!
No relevant racing experience!
No special driving skills!
Valid drivers license!
And I want to join your team at CMP.

Re: Driver available for CMP

I’m looking for some driver to fill a two car team for the fall race. I have two kias one class b and one class c.  I’m looking for 8 drivers to drive both cars. PM me later and we can talk more

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2017 - Introduction of the Kia Amanti; 2016 - Killed the Car at WRL
2015 - 4 Races, finished all; 2014 - Barber, Blew 2 Engines; CMP, Class C winner
2013 - CMP, Blew engine; CMP, Engine Overheated 2012 - CMP, FInished; CMP, Blew Engine