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Lake Effect Racing is looking for 2 drivers for the Nelson 24 hours. We will have 6 total drivers, each driver will be driving 2 stints close to 2 hours in length. We have a professionally built Ford Focus which was formally raced in the Pirelli World Challenge and has been converted to run in the B Class with Champ.  My expectations for drivers are consistent lap times that are comparative to my own and to stay out of trouble. Endurance racing is very different from sprint racing so my philosophy is run your own race and consistency wins. My expectations are that you will help with pit stops and be in the pits during the races to make sure our strategy is put in place for the races during the weekend.

If you are interested please email me at

The rest of our schedule is:

August 11-August 12 VIRGINIA INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY: 24 Hour Enduro, Champcar
August 25 -August 26 GINGERMAN RACEWAY: 8+7 Enduros, Champcar
Sep 22-23  Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Yokohama Gran Prix 8+8 Enduros: WRL
October 19 – 21  Mid Ohio Sports Car Course (8.5 + 8.5) AE

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I may be able to run the mid Ohio races, I am not a new driver, I am very fast, consistent, and safe.  I completely understand endurance racing. I have ran in chumpcar,  late model stock cars, as well as some scca

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FWIW I may be available for that race if I cannot get my car together in time for the GMan race that weekend. I don't know how late you can sign up for chump, but I might not be able to commit until only a few weeks before.

I've done 14(?) races with Lemons now and 1 with WRL. Most of these have been in my neon, so I would be pretty familiar with the FF layout. I also am essentially a 1 man team, so I'm not affraid to spin a wrench and I have most everything one could need to race.

If you still need somebody in 2 or 3 weeks, feel free to contact me at

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A team from Erie? My in-laws live just a few miles south down I-79 in McKean.

I'm in the Baltimore area and have raced with the Turtle Eclipse of the Heart in chump and Lemons since 2011 and most recently ran with the Schumacher Taxi service team to 4th place in B at NJMP. I've run two 24 hour races with the turtle at Nelson with a team of 4 drivers, so 6 should be a piece of cake.

I'll shoot you an email for details, but I'd be interested in VIR or Nelson.

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