Topic: Sleeping accomodations for day 3 of #carweeeak

We're being extremely optimistic and have booked all the hotels for the week in anticipation of actually making past the starting line. All booked except for the dreaded day 3 "DESERT CAMP" <dun dun DUUUUUNNNNN>. So whereabouts is the end point for the day? Is it Desert Camp or Joshua Tree, because looking at a map, they're like 70 miles apart from one another. As appealing as desert camping sounds in the middle of August, the prospect of sleeping on the ground after a long day in our non-AC lemon just does not sound super relaxing. Just trying to get an idea of where we should be anticipating looking for lodging.

Re: Sleeping accomodations for day 3 of #carweeeak

It's actually neither and is (an optional) desert camping night. It's close(ish) to Victorville and Barstow, which both have hotels.

Eric Rood
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Re: Sleeping accomodations for day 3 of #carweeeak

Barstow, thank God. I was worried you were going to have us stop in a real dump of a town... Like Needles. Well, for those non-CA Lemoners, you're in for a treat.

Thanks for the info!