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Topic: Can I drop in on the Rally in San Pedro, CA 8/21?

Hey there,

We are working on a Lemons car that is taking longer than planned and see that the Rally is coming by my area.  Was considering coming by the San Pedro check point on 8/21.

Good idea?  Will there be any goings on/things to see or does everyone pretty much just pull in and go to sleep for the night??

Re: Can I drop in on the Rally in San Pedro, CA 8/21?

There are usually three groups of arrivals:

(1) Those who arrive really late because of some combination of earlier mechanical issues, getting lost on the way, and/or being really slow (applies to drivers and to vehicles) usually just go to sleep.

(2) Those who make it to the hotel with unresolved mechanical issues will often stay in the parking lot for many hours, wrenching, sometimes with success.

(3) Those who arrive early with a vehicle in need of no work may very well socialize, but I'm usually in one of the first two groups so I'm mostly taking this part on hearsay.

You can hang out with at least two of these three groups, so overall I'd say it's worth a shot. Keep in mind the second group may end up putting you to work.

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Re: Can I drop in on the Rally in San Pedro, CA 8/21?

I think im going to try and head down into the Yuma checkpoint from phoenix tomorrow evening. hopefully I can be of assistance and help people out and hangout and stuff!

anything in particular i should bring? im prepping for my first Lemons race next spring so i want to meet people and get to know the scene a little better.