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I'm looking to join a team or creat one.

My claim includes the top 1000 in the Playstation GT Academy  (O.o) ooooohhh. I do have a 95 Celica I could poosibly donate to the cause, because I was going to take it up to MI to dirt it anyways. I have some limited tools, (unfortunatly no space).

If you just need a driver all the better anyways. Let me know whats available!

I'm 28
Here for fun
Beat my friends in gokarts

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PS: Located in North Denver

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Go to the HPR race coming up and meet I think there is a weird facepage group for Colorado racers...might be worth a search.

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Yes we welcome similar racers in our paddock smile

No spots available for this race unfortunately but feel free to introduce yourself. I was a Silverstone finalist for GT Academy myself.

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