Topic: garage space for NH ?

I am looking for the link for garage space for the NH race did I miss it??
I did pay for the race but no link?

Re: garage space for NH ?

It is the same every year. After the payment date Nick will send out an email saying there are garages, first come first serve. you must log in, sign up for one, and pay at that time.

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Re: garage space for NH ?

From the event info page:

Garages: You will be able to reserve an optional rental garage through your online team page. Stay tuned for the email announcement--garages will be made available after the payment deadline, and will only be available to paid teams. Garage pricing will go up $20 for every garage related email we receive prior to the announcement.

Just have to be patient and wait for Nick's email.

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Re: garage space for NH ?

Thanks for the update I always forget how they do it on that race. I am going to be gone out of USA for a week or so I just hope I can log on and do it. Can any of my drives do the log on and pay for the spot??