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Topic: NEED A DRIVER! Ass to Seat needed for CMP & Road Atlanta

Looking for a driver/wheelman/wrencher/smartass or w/e you'd like to call yourself for CMP Nov 3/4 and Road Atlanta December 8 & 9 2018.

We are USMC Racing out of Slidell, LA.

Would prefer someone local (ish) to be able to come out on the weekends and help prep, get things buttoned up and such. But if you're not local that's cool too.

I just had driver drop out, trying to get our roster back up to 5 drivers.

Driver will help pay consumables such as fuel and tires(if needed).  FYI I do have a HANS device which we can share.

We are course, and rough around the edges, and we curse....a lot...so if you cant handle that, we aint your team.

Look forward to hearing from yall!

Brian C 904-233-5288