Topic: MSR Drivers Wanted - E28 BMW

We are looking for 1 to 2 more drivers for MSR.  We have an '88 BMW 535i based out of Maryland that's seen 6 races and finished 4.  The car usually ends up in class B with no laps and finishes in the top third to quarter of the pack.  Price is $1,400 per seat and that includes all race fees, practice day, and an RV that we are renting to stay in at the track.  The price might go down depending on consumables used (tires and gas mainly) and number of drivers to share the cost.  Cost will not go above $1,400 per driver. 

I'll be at the track Thursday evening with the RV and will be leaving right after the race/awards ceremony. 

If you have never raced at MSR then you are required to come to the practice day.  That's the only catch smile

There are currently 4 of us (most 7 or more races each) and we are looking to have 5 or 6 for this kind of race.

Here are some pictures of the car at Barber last year: … goQfa?dl=0