Topic: Proposed Friday Night Meetup

Looks like several people are staying at the Clarion: 411 S Larkin Ave, Joliet, IL 60436

They have a bar and food inside. Seems like a great place to meet up! Not far from the race start, near a lot of cheaper hotels, and did I mention, it has a BAR!

Lets make an unofficial Clarion Meetup open house, drinks, food, friends, etc between 7-10PM on Friday night!

It will be great to see everyone again!

Brian Gomez
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Re: Proposed Friday Night Meetup

Sounds good,

If we make it to IL, we'll see you there, currently en route to salt lake City.

Re: Proposed Friday Night Meetup

Just booked a room. Will see u guys an gals. Friday nite. Thank u team kuhly. Ps who is buying the first drink lol.

Re: Proposed Friday Night Meetup

The mighty (ridiculous) BlunderBus is pointed to the Clarion, for tonight! ...Basic principals of inertia say that we SHOULD make it there. ...Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Regards from Nessy, Sr. Chief, El Flamingo, Doc, Kockenball, and Franklin Delano Beans, the window-licking Blunder-Dog.

Re: Proposed Friday Night Meetup

I am not doing the rally this time, but I am planning on stopping by to say hi, since I am not to far away.

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