Topic: CMP BBQ Redux!

Ok, so, next weekend is the second attempt at Lemons South Fall at CMP.  It appears Mother Nature felt so bad for all of you procrastinators that she sent a hurricane our way to give you a little extra time with your hoopties... that I'm sure you've wasted drinkin' beer and trollin' the interwebz.

Since it appears we're actually gonna get to go to the track, I thought we should probably break bread together.  As per usual, Team Terminally Confused will be burning some butts across from Black Flag as I know you all know how to find that place.  I'll probably also cook some beans, but only to punish your cherished loved ones.  We will gather to feast approximately 30 minutes after the track goes cold on Saturday evening.

Please consider bringing a dish of deliciousness to share!  Yes, some of you may have to beg your aforementioned cherished loved ones to create you something edible.  Special request: Leave the Wal-Mart Coleslaw at Wal-Mart!

Please also consider bringing your wallets (if they still contain cash), spare change, piggy banks, etc.  We'll once again be collecting donations for!

We'll see you at the track... hopefully!

Terminally Confused

Re: CMP BBQ Redux!

Tunachuckers will have some GMO (Good Munchin' Over) corn, on the cob, smothered in heart-friendly butter, to share with all our friends.  Thanks, Curt, and the rest of TC, for keeping this tradition alive!

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Re: CMP BBQ Redux!

I had good practice for the failed race so I know my butterscotch brownies are good. We'll see how many I can make.

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