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Well, my team's car died at CMP and the team is contemplating liquidating, so looking for a new team.  If you're looking for a new addition to your team or just an arrive and drive for this race, I'm open to either.
I'm a clean racer with 4 Lemon's races under my belt, out of which only 1 black flag (tried to brake late going into the hairpin at Barber), no body contact, and taking good care of the car.  Myself and a teammate were usually battling for fastest lap on the team. 
I'm a decent wrench turner, and ok diagnosing problems.  Changed more brake pads than I care to remember.
If you're interested send an email through the forum with details (car, financial commitment, etc) and hopefully we can connect.

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Re: Looking for seat at Road Atlanta

Hey, we are looking for a driver at Atlanta, what car were you in at CMP? we were also there.

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I would like to talk about it on phone- text me first so that I know who is calling as I get a lot of robot calls-770-876-9171