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Topic: New Team in Rochester NY

I'm interested in forming a team in Rochester NY.  My goal is to have a lot of fun, make some new friends and go to races in the east region.

I have not acquired a car yet.  I'm 6' 4" so it will need to accommodate a tall person.  I’d also like to find one that corners well and doesn’t just go fast on the straights.  And it seems to me that durability is more important that speed. 

I have no racing experience although I have done some autocross. I used to be a very good mechanic but my skills got rusty from owning a bunch of very reliable Toyotas.  They’re getting better again because I’ve acquired a couple of older BMWs in the last year or so.

I’m getting to be an old fart if that matters.  I’ve got lots of tools but I don’t have a good place to work on the car or a way to get it to the races.  I’m also responsible and reliable and I have strong organizational skills.

Re: New Team in Rochester NY

We sound very much alike. I’m interested in the same but the biggest problem I see is that I live too far way. I’m in Westchester County NY. Maybe there is some way to figure things out. I’m open to any conversations.

FWIW I was considering just paying a team and showing up on the race weekend for a seat. Meeting the guys/girls beforehand of course. Helping out however I could in pits and car prep.


Re: New Team in Rochester NY

If you guys havn't been to a race before, Attend one.

You can learn a lot before you even get started.

We are racing in Pittsburgh in April, Not too far from Rochester. (I went to school at RIT and drove back and forth all the time)

Alternately, the other series is at the Glen in May.