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Topic: Deal Gone: Free/Tax Deductible Race Ready Hyundai Accent in Houston

UPDATE: No Longer for Sale No Longer For Sale No Longer For Sale

Or is that Black Fryundai Accent sale extended? Or Small Displacement Saturday? Cyber Mondayne? Giving One-of-Two'sdai (inside joke)


[edit update: This is Friday, the final day of the Free w/ Donation Race-Ready Lemons Hyundai. Will need a fire suppression system for 2019 but for the final 2 events in 2018 it is good-to-go as it sits.]

Use promo code CHEATER during checkout /when emailing me to get this amazing car for FREE if you make a verified $Xxxx donation to Lemons of Love charity. Yes, I'm serious. Contact Jill at Lemons of Love and arrange to make a $Xxxx donation, and then let me know by emailing me through the craigslist ad of this forum email.  I'll require Jill to text or call me to confirm she has received your donation then I'll put you in touch with the current host of this lovely car (thanks Peter) and you two can make arrangements to go pick it up and drive it home. Yes, I said drive it home. It has a CA title, and everything about it is street legal once you bolt the airbags back into it and put the stock driver seat in it.

This offer is good until Friday Nov 30th. After that, I'm just going to fly out one-way again and pick it up and drive it home to CA ,much to my wife's chagrin.

https://houston.craigslist.org/cto/d/20 … 29828.html






Re: Deal Gone: Free/Tax Deductible Race Ready Hyundai Accent in Houston

Maybe folks in California want to start a go fund me so I don't go bring this back to California and start clogging up the chicane at Sonoma with it...

Re: Deal Gone: Free/Tax Deductible Race Ready Hyundai Accent in Houston

Someone please buy this car.  There are so many other terrible cars I need Spank to build for Lemons domination.

This is such a cheap car to race.  Spank found tons of these in working condition (he bought three) for $500 or less.  Many have a blown clutch throw out bearing.  You can get a new clutch kit on ebay for less than $50 and anyone can replace it in an hour or two.

If the engine or trany blows up, there is an endless cheap supply of replacements.  This car is fully caged, just rip out the interior and add a fire bottle for 2019.

If you want to be more racey, cut the springs a coil or so or buy an ebay coilover kit, put some bigger sticky tires on it and you are good to go.

Lemons needs more awful British and French cars, buy this reliable, cheap Korean car to fund a new build and Make Lemons Great Again.

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Re: Deal Gone: Free/Tax Deductible Race Ready Hyundai Accent in Houston

Updated with new terms.

Make a $XXXX donation to Lemons of Love charity and once Jill verifies her receipt of your donation with me I'll give you the details on how you can pick up the car in person in Houston.

Limited time offer. (I'm not THAT generous of a guy...)

I must receive verification from Jill of your donation by Friday, Nov 30, 2018 otherwise I'm going to keep the car and fly out, drive it home to San Diego.

Act fast.

Mostly 'cause the car ain't.

Re: Deal Gone: Free/Tax Deductible Race Ready Hyundai Accent in Houston

Out of morbid curiosity, I looked to see if the Hyundai 2.0 would drop in. It seems that it does. We found that to be a pretty good engine...at least after we blew up the first one. When we blow up this second one, I think we will consider a swap to the 2.7 V6...



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Re: Deal Gone: Free/Tax Deductible Race Ready Hyundai Accent in Houston

bb, I found the same thing. There's a low mileage early Tiburon 2.0 NA down the street from me that I was thinking of using as a brake and engine donor. But the 1.6 engine in this thing is fine, only has about 115k miles, used no oil all the way from San Diego to TX and then for an additional 10 or so track hours. in the first 4 hours / 205ish miles of MSR Houston (where there were quite a few FCY) a 195K mile Hyundai 1.6 you could easily have mistaken for this car that's actually for sale (cough cough) only used 9.3 gallons of fuel.

I've had no contacts from anyone but Jill so far (well, not counting people who wear underwear as outerwear who are disqualified from this offer). Today is the last day for this offer of what is essentially a tax-deductible race car. Super easy to drive. Great for newbies to flog or experienced Lemoneers to momentum-drive and improve your "smooth is fast" style. Car is completely stock other than some wobble bolts to adjust camber up front a tiny bit to promote longer tire life. Good ol' #'s 3 was running second in C on 175/70-13 M&S tires for the first 11-12 hours of the race (down 11 laps on a much better prepared Buick) before we threw in the towel on our plans for Class C domination* and then one of us actually napped. (*I may have skipped a few details in there)

What would I do for race #2? Porterfield pads up front. Cut 1-1/2 coils off the struts or put in something stiffer. check rear alignment to eliminate any possible rear toe-in and / or maybe beef up the rear swabar. Mount race seat on sliders. Install some 14" wheels and tires after the 13" are burned up. Reinstall and securely mount rear aftermarket speakers (Nice to listen to the radio during FCY).

Re: Deal Gone: Free/Tax Deductible Race Ready Hyundai Accent in Houston

Ya'll done missed out, suckas...

I just flew to Houston on Spirit Airlines ($67 one way), got pick up from the airport at 1pm Wednesday by a Houston Civil Servant (who is originally from Kenya), picked up the Hyundai and then we loaded a Toyota pickup engine and pallet into the rear for transport, then drove the 1,492 miles to Escondido arriving 9:20 Thursday night. Worst mpg was just over 29mpg in uphill headwinds. Best was just over 36mpg.

Delivered the engine today about 14 miles from my house for $200.

In the 3000 miles of freeway driving and about 11hrs of track time, it used less than 1 qt of oil. I don't understand why more people don't race a Hyundai.