Re: new fire suppression requirement question

My 10lb SPA system came with 6 nozzles, I aimed two at tech cell, under the steel box lid, 2 at the driver and 2 at the engine, one on the exhaust side and one on the intake/fuel rail side. I figure they design the system to have the appropriate volume and pressure for all six nozzles.

Also..... Check your release cables regularly, there was an incident in another series where a system that had been installed for a couple of years had the cable had seize up.

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Re: new fire suppression requirement question

I know it was mentioned, but worth repeating.....
Keeping your (old) 2.5 lb or whatever handheld in the car is a great idea - and can be a great cost savings.  We had a "small" electrical fire in the passenger dash/foot well area once.  Driver was able to get stopped, see it was not major and use the handheld to extinguish.  Saved our weekend as we still had our fire systems charged/intact and we were able to correct the problem.  More important, if your system exhausts itself and there is a flair up, a secondary handheld "may" buy the drive some more time, or allow a small flare from growing into a bigger fire if support is slow in getting to you.

Re: new fire suppression requirement question

Anybody know about the automatically activated systems? 


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