Topic: "Chevy" valve covers.

I'm looking for some centerbolt valve covers for a small block chevy.


Id kinda like them to say...Oldsmobile, Pontiac, or even Ford on them...yes I have a (bad) idea.

I know, I know...right now most of you are wondering why don't I just attack some chevy covers with my airbrush.

Sure I could do that.  HOWEVER!!  I want to take this to the next level, so stamped or cast is a better idea.

I could have swore they used to be made, but I think all the LS mania has taken them out.


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Re: "Chevy" valve covers.

I'm not an expert on SBC's, even though I play one on TV. My knowledge base on SBC's is limited to knowing what SBC stands for.

Did some recreational Googling and found these for SBC's. Name not stamped or cast though. … -cover.htm

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