Topic: 18X Participant of This Thing Looking for March Sonoma Drive

I am looking for an A&D for the March Sonoma race, while our team's Merkur continues to be massaged by gnomes at our secret facility. (May Thunderhill for sure!)

I am an 18X 'sperienced Lemons event racecar pointer (my Curriculum Vitae is below). I am seeking a drive with an experienced team in an A or B class vehicle.

Please reply here or via email.

18X Loser - Delinquent Racing - '86 TRUMPACO Merkur - '18 Northworst, Pointless, '17 Freeze, Sweat, Pointless, '16 Pointless, Vodden, Sweat, Turrible, Freeze - '15 Vodden, Freeze. '96 Taurus SHO Skunk - '17 Vodden (Hope for the Future award - not me, rookies), '15 Pointless, Turrible. A&D w/Panting Polar Bears '17 Turrible, w/Pit Crew Revenge '18 Vodden. w/Flying Scotsman '18 Arse Freeze.