Topic: Newb looking for Class C seat at Barber

Looking for a seat in Class C at Barber.

I'm based out of the UK and happen to be in Atlanta for work the two weeks either side of Barber and have always wanted to drive Lemons.

I've got no track experience to speak of, however have spent my life driving shitboxes, including doing Staples to Naples three years on the trot (buy a car for £100 and drive it 1500miles across Europe in three days, including crossing the alps. I was always dumb enough to solo the car back instead of dumping it). As a result of driving said shitboxes, I'm easy on clutches and brakes without being too slow. I have always driven stick and don't worry about driving left-hand-drive, I regularly drive in the US and Europe.

In terms of wrenching, I haven't had a garage for years but used to do small jobs like pads, drum shoes, oil changes etc and am a quick learn and a useful pair of hands.

Re: Newb looking for Class C seat at Barber

We’ve got a Class B if you’re interested.

Get up with me.

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