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Topic: Sold Selling 21 ft box race car trailer Bob Manns

Tows very well brakes work well we added in side lights 12 volt led and wired it for 110 volt led lights with power boxs in side has a power lift and a new front tongue,   and new led rear lights needs some clean up out side has barn doors selling it with out ramps will leave all tie down mounts has good tires I need to swap one out before it leaves it is set up for a 220 volt generator with a long cord and plug
inside its 21 ft from back door to front wall and max on width   no water leaks we used it for last years races
Sorry for pic upside down I can not rotate them?? has MA title
I am asking $2500 located in Pembroke MA
Bob Mann
I adding some more spec  its a falcon trailer

barn door opening is 90 inch side to side to top of door is 70 inch 

wall to wall inside is 97 inch

the inside of fenders is 82 inch and to top of roof in side is 80 inch

as you can see it was used to collect clothing so nothing ever went inside but soft stuff till last year. 


Re: Sold Selling 21 ft box race car trailer Bob Manns

Home built?  Have a Mass title?