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Topic: Race ready MR2 package - $SOLD

1986 Toyota MR2 Race Car for sale

This is a titled, currently registered “street legal” antique car in Tennessee. Prospective buyers are welcome to test drive the car. It is located in Rockvale, TN, 37153. If you will pay for delivery ahead of time I’ll be glad to deliver the car within a couple hundred miles.
This car has just over 30 hours of track time on it. That’s a good bit or sorting out done for the next buyers without much unnecessary wear. Despite the stigma of how hard it is to drive mid engine cars, we’ve actually spun this one less than we did the FWD car we had in 2015. It’s not hard to get adjusted to and we’ve set up the suspension so that it’s predictable at the limit. It’s been a good car for us and we’d definitely take this path again.

The shell is a factory sunroof car that has an aluminum panel replacing the sunroom. The only glass is the front windshield, all other windows are plastic. The car weighed 2050 lbs on race scales with a full tank of gas and no driver. The windshield has a small crack, but it has been repaired with an epoxy windshield kit and will still pass Lemons/Chump/HPDE tech.
Safety: The roll cage was professionally built at Coffey Fabrication and Race Prep in Nashville, TN. Chris is a real pro and he built this car for himself. We get compliments on the roll cage every time we’re at the track. Drivers seat is a kirkey intermediate. Passenger seat is a kirkey drag series. Both harnesses are gforce latch style. It has an SFI window net on the driver’s side and a fire system.

Engine: 4AGE 20v Silvertop, open stacks using vw carb velocity stacks. It’s using Haltech E6k for an ecu. Included is an ancient laptop that still works in case you want to change the tune. The factory redline on the silvertop is 8600rpm. We set the limiter at 7600 for enduro racing and the shift light comes on at 7200rpm. We have religiously used a moroso 3qt oil accumulator which is included.

Trans: factory 16v mr2

Suspension: Custom tubular control arms. eBay coil over kit springs. I measured the rates at 410lb/in front, 420lb/in rear. No sway bars. Alignment settings were optimized to minimize bumpsteer.

Exhaust: 2.5” magnaflow – this is quiet enough for the 103db sound limit at NCM with no baffles

Tires & Wheels: Front wheels - 2x kosei k1’s (not pictured) 15x7 wheels with 205/50/15 Maxxis VR-1’s. 2 tires good, 2 trashed. Rear wheels – 2x 15x9 Advanti wheels with 245/40/15 Maxxis VR-1’s in decent shape. Basically, there is enough rubber left for a couple of track days, but you’ll need fresh tires before the next race.

Brakes: Celica GTS rear brake conversion. SSBC brake bias valve. Front pads are Carbotech XP10. Rear pads are autozone pads we used to get the bias closer. There’s plenty of pad left for some track days, but you’ll need another set of race pads for the front before the next race.
The car was involved in an accident at Barber in December 2016, but has since been repaired and completed an HPDE at NCM; where it was dramatically faster than it was last year due to some suspension and driver tuning.

Best Lap Times for an average crew of drivers:
NCM Grand Full: 2:36.0 with a lot of time left in T5
COTA: 2:53.6
Barber: 1:50.0

Basically, as it sits it’s quick enough to mix it up with a lot of the miata’s and e30’s out there. We never ran this car in Lemons (just chump), but based on experiences with Lemons I think this car would fit in fine - I can help with some theme ideas we have.

All the little stuff:
Racing radios with in car nascar hook up and crew chief headset.
Cool Shirt System
4x 5gal racing gas cans – 2 modified for quick fill
Racing pit board
Spare hood, doors, and trunk. Spare transmission, axles, suspension parts,
4x HID rally lights for night races - prewired