Topic: Potluck at Sonoma / Sears Pointless @ Hooptiecon

Greetings fellow racers and assorted hangers-on!  In order to celebrate the return of slightly-more-safeish-stuntin'-and-splodin, we are organizing a potluck for Saturday night at Sonoma.  Here are the details you really care about:

  • Saturday, at 5:30pm after the checkered flag is thrown, bring your food to the penalty box.  (All of you will learn where that is during Saturday, I'm sure.)  There will be announcements.

  • Bring your favorite sharable food - chilli, brownies, lasagna, vegetables, or whatever you think your fellow racers will enjoy

  • We will have plates, utensils, napkins.  We will not provide cups or beverages - that's up to you, and is usually what you are most focused on anyway

  • We'll provide some sheet cakes, and will break into those around 6:30.  Because who doesn't love cake?

  • There will be AN AWARD if your food is the most interesting things that shows up, handed out at the awards ceremony on Sunday.  As with most things Lemons, the criteria for this will be decided at the last minute, and will be entirely subjective

  • We'll have little cards for you to write your car number / team / contact info underneath your food for judging purposes, or so we can harass you when you leave your crock pot in the penalty area

  • We will have some power cords & such if you have a crock pot and need to keep your food warm.

It's a great chance to meet your fellow racers!  See y'all Saturday night.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me:

Phone/whatsapp: 617-416-8430

Or post in this thread, we'll see it.

Re: Potluck at Sonoma / Sears Pointless @ Hooptiecon

And oh yeah - BEST PIT VEHICLE.  Bring something interesting!