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Topic: Jack stand safety reminder

Came across this post on Reddit.  Thankfully the guy is recovering but it could have been fatal.  Sounds like his jack failed and he did not have stands.  Tried finding his Reddit post again but I lost it.

Gore alert!

Re: Jack stand safety reminder

First picture: "That could've been a lot worse."
Second picture: "Looks like he needed staples, but why the CT scan?"
Third picture: "Wait, is that what I think it..."
Fourth picture: "OH FUCK"

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Re: Jack stand safety reminder

I stopped at the second pic... that was plenty for my eyes to behold.

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Re: Jack stand safety reminder

Ouch! Cracked skull ain’t good.

I cringe every time I see a car up on a jack without stands.

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Re: Jack stand safety reminder

You know, even though cars on jacks weren't around when the skull was invented, turns out it's a fairly effective at protecting the melon within.  Crumple zones seem to work nicely. 

BTW, thought the "Gore Alert!" was a bit over the top till picture 4.  Sheesh.