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I have always been interested in starting a team and was wondering if anyone else in the atlanta/birmingham area was interested. My grandpa recently died and left me some money that I intend to spend on this, so I can bankroll everything if need be. I would rather have fun than be super competitive. Anyone level of experience accepted.

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Re: Start a new team in birmingham/atlanta area

A word of advice: bankroll the build, not the entry. Include consumables in the entry fee. Discuss it ahead of time, and/or just look for providing an arrive and drive situation (if you must build/own).

It'll keep you from losing friends who you might grow to feel are freeloading off your largesse.

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Re: Start a new team in birmingham/atlanta area


There are three teams in the Birmingham area that I know of - one runs an air-cooled Beetle out of Hueytown, we (Half-Fast Racing) run a New Beetle out of Alabaster, and there is a Dodge Daytona team (Dodgie Racing) closer to downtown (I think).  Frank Camper gave me some good advice on putting together a team and car as I was getting started last year. I'll be glad to pass his advice and my own "lessons learned" on.  If you send me a pm with a phone number, I'll call this weekend. 

I think the Dodge team is looking for drivers - check the forum for the post by "naking" a few days ago. Joining them for a few races would be a good way to learn a little about Lemons rules, racing, building and running a car, and running a team before actually hitting the track with a newly formed team.  I drove with Orca a couple of times before we got our car together, and it helped a lot to not be learning everything at once. Plus your car build may take longer than you think.

I also did what DirtyDuc suggests - funded the car build but have drivers pay their own way (more or less).  I'd be racing even if it was just my wife and I driving, so I don't worry too much about breaking even. Plus my other drivers are all friends and family members so I keep "driver cost share" fees lower than most teams but try to cover most expendables.  Talk to several teams about costs.  They will vary, but will add up fast; and it isn't just tires, gas, and brakes.  "Budget racing" is a relative term.


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I'm from MA but will be in the Atlanta area at race time this year. If you need a driver I'm looking to race.

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are you in the ATL area, or the B/ham area?