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I didnt see any other threads for the NH race.  Anyone already have a team that needs another member?  If not, anyone want to make a team?  Im in MA now but moving north to NH this summer.  IT guy by trade, own a tshirt business, and grew up in garages while my father built hotrods.  Ive owned a few sweet projects over the years but its time to start Lemons racing!  I have 2 cars we could start with.  shitbox 99 saturn sc2 and a 1981 firechicken shell.  bunch of random parts, tools,  and the willingness to build.  anyone?

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We are based on the NH seacoast, and are not currently looking for new team mates. If you'd like to come by and see our build/ask questions you are welcome anytime we have our "tooltime" (usually Sat. mornings).  There is a team in Londonderry that runs a Miata that might be looking for people (I'll try and let him know that you're interested).

Getting a car ready for this years race would be a huge task to take on IMO.  I know that people have built cars quicker. I've built two and wouldn't attempt to get one done before October.

e-mail me if interested in meeting up.


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awesome thanks for the info!  I sent you a message on her with my info.

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I sent you a pm

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Are you still looking for a ride? Would you want to run Thompson speedway in August