Topic: Free to me 6.0L LS x2

Friend of mine works a local Isuzu dealer he has 2 junk 6.0l engines from Isuzu trucks. One has 4k miles, oil pump failed (i.e. rental driver ran it outta oil), other has more miles, radiator got dinged, had tiny leak, eventually overheated. The engines were replaced with new GM longblocks, so these junk cores are missing all electrical, fuel, flywheel, etc.

Are they worth getting for free? Sounds like moving the good rotating assembly from overheated engine to low miles engine with spun bearings would yield one free & functional engine.
An engine I have no need for.

Oh, wait, I also already own a free E30 325e with dead auto trans.

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Re: Free to me 6.0L LS x2

Lemons GOLD!!!!!

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