Topic: Racebar looking for driver's VIR August 10 Champcar

Like the assholes we are, I'm posting for a champcar race in a Lemons forum. The reality is, we are a Lemons team, throwing a Lemons party, at a race that doesn't totally understand Lemons.

Minimum qualifications to race with us:
1. Show up to the Friday night party, wear the shirt, drink the cool-aide
2. Have a positive attitude
3. Don't wreck the car
4. Pay for your stint.

Nothing else is required! New to racing? No problem! No gear? No problem! Need a ride to vir from Hampton roads? No problem! Need a place to crash? No problem! Your wife doesn't want you to leave the house....that might be a problem.

Check out our Facebook page.

Shoot me a text or call if interested. 317-691-0584