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Topic: $650 - Lemons Legal Significantly Better "Everything" Kit 2016

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I purchased the Lemons Significantly Better Everything Kit in 2016 to race the Cure for Gingervitis.  I tried everything on ahead of the race but our Crapcan minivan threw a rod on lap 4 of Test day.  I never actually suited up to drive and probably didn't wear any of this for more than 5 minutes. 

LeMons-Legal Significantly Better "Everything" Kit
[Glove Color:Black]
[Glove Size :Medium]
[Helmet Color:White]
[Helmet Size:Medium]
[Shoe Color:Black]
[Shoe Size (mens):11.5]
[Sock Size:XL]
[Suit Color:Black]
[Suit Size:Medium]
[Underwear Size:Medium]
[HANS/NecksGen Post Install:Yes--NecksGen Post Install]


Re: $650 - Lemons Legal Significantly Better "Everything" Kit 2016

Buying it in 2016 from Lemons doesn't help us evaluate it. Pull up the padding in the back of the helmet and tell us what the Snell year is, Snell SA 2010, Snell SA 2015, ??? Look at the straps on the HANS and tell us what the SFI date is on the helmet straps. What are the brands and do they have SFI tags in place and what are the SFI ratings on each? Are you willing to sell as single items or is it all or nothing?

Re: $650 - Lemons Legal Significantly Better "Everything" Kit 2016

Moparfan,  Thanks for the feedback.  I will gather the information you identified and update the post this evening.  My preference is to sell everything as a package.