Topic: First Lemons race - The Ridge questions

Hey everyone. Well, a year after our terrible idea of going racing, we are making our first Lemons event at The Ridge next weekend.  Luckily, we’ve run three races with an unnamed series, one at this track in April, so hoping NOT to be “those noobs”.

Based on previous experiences, can anyone advise about two things:

1. Pit stalls - sounds like it’s all first come, not assigned. Is it one team per stall, or do we need to share?  And does anyone set up a cold pit canopy and supplies, or keep all that with your paddock and only haul over supplies when it’s time for the stop?

2. Fueling - is this allowed on the hot pit lane?  Sounds like it’s different track to track.

Thanks. Looking forward to it.

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Re: First Lemons race - The Ridge questions

Last Lemons race I was at at the Ridge (two years ago, see you there next week!) there were no assigned hot pit stalls.
There was an area of the hot pits that was marked on BOTH sides of the wall, as in the paddock side was considered hot too.
You walked your crap over to a currently empty spot on the wall but only people in full gear could enter the paddock side of the marked area.  You flagged your car down and did the pit thing.  After your car leaves, you carry all your crap back to your paddock area.  Bring a wagon.
It was a mess but since Lemons doesn't have mandatory 2 hour max stints there isn't a big rush every two hours so it worked out OK.