Topic: Race Monitor for timing and scoring?

Is that what Lemons uses?  Just want to have the right app downloaded before heading out to The Ridge.  I don’t see the race listed in upcoming events on the app yet.

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Re: Race Monitor for timing and scoring?

yes that is what Lemons uses.

I don't know how far in advance events show up (if at all)... they disappear pretty much immediately after the race is over if that's any indication...

edit: I'm pretty sure the event appears as soon as Roland and Stephanie show up, get the gear online(I once helped them with this), and publish the event to Race Monitor. So, Friday afternoon sometime.

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Re: Race Monitor for timing and scoring?

Got it. Thanks.

Re: Race Monitor for timing and scoring?

quick tip with the race monitor app on a smart phone that isn't always obvious. The race will vanish from the "current races" list on the main screen of the app almost immediately at the end of saturday and sunday. To pull it up again and review data after the fact, you have to go to the race results section and any event you watched should show there. It took me way too long to figure that out.

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