Topic: Any Lemons team near Atlanta who can pull a unibody rail?

Can't hurt to throw this out there.  I work in auto insurance claims, so I can find a shop to do it, but it'll still cost a good bit. 

I bought my 15 year old son a $300 running/driving '90 Miata to turn into his first "race car".  He's taking Auto Shop 101 in high school this year, so it'll be a good project for him.  Goal is to have it ready for autox in the spring, when he turns 16.  The "catch" to the cheap price was that it had been wrecked.  A flipper bought it and slapped it together and sold it to some poor unsuspecting soul, which is how I got it so cheap.  Outside looks pretty good, but right front rail is fugly.  As in alternator pulley rubbing shit fugly. 

Anyone in the Atlanta area work in a body shop or own one, who would be able to help straighten it just enough so crap doesn't rub and we can be sure suspension points are right?

Three Pedal Mafia