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We are a new team out of central Nebraska with a 75 Chevy LUV with a 4.3L 5 speed out of an S-10. We had a a couple of drivers drop out with 2 drivers and 1 crew member remaining for August 24th weekend.  One more driver would be good, two would be great.  We are a family team, low stress, out to have fun, hopefully finish in one piece.  Car has been out to a few track days at Motorsports Park Hastings, so I would like to think most of the gremlins have been worked out. 

Seat rental is $650 includes time and car related expenses. 

Interested? Questions?  Let me know at

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do you have the stock trans out of the LUV? it should be same as my Opel.
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Nope. The stock drive train was gone along time ago.  Truck had been sitting in a field for a few years before we got to it and anything that was supposed to turn was locked up.