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Topic: October Gingerman - Drivers needed in the 300ZX TURBO!

I've got a 1986 Nissan 300zx Turbo and this will be its 4th race. Last race we actually made it out for the start and this race we should have a good shot at being semi-competitive (lol).

Here's a small photo album with some videos in it

Since last race I've either completed or am in the process of doing these things:

Performance: (We really don't need to go faster, we just need to suck less at driving)
New Dunlop Direzza Z3s
New Raybestos ST43 Pads
Improved exhaust flow (added at least 50 HP, right?)
New rear shocks
Opened up fuel filler neck

Driver comfort:
Expanded driver side door bars
Fixed under-dash bar positioning
Quick-release steering wheel
Reinstalled rear wiper
Adjusted dashboard configuration and seat height

Other things:
Replaced all busted rear-end light fixtures.
Patched some speed holes
Removed several lbs of unneeded wiring from cabin
Got spare MAF, and several other important parts
Purchased radios for the team
Threw money at problems

No matter what happens, we always have a good time!

-Andrew Newell



Re: October Gingerman - Drivers needed in the 300ZX TURBO!

Interested. Can you reach out to me at awasthiphalaksh?

I have been on the track couple of times. I'm quite passionate about driving on the track. Please let me know the details.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Re: October Gingerman - Drivers needed in the 300ZX TURBO!

Interested if the seats are still open - A "not terrible" driver, 2 years of Lemons experience with my current team. Since our car's broken and there isn't enough interest and commitment on my current team to fix and race I'm here looking!

I'm not an expert mechanic by any means but can hold my own and am handy with electrical troubleshooting and wiring.

Let me know if you are still looking!

Re: October Gingerman - Drivers needed in the 300ZX TURBO!

Thanks for the replies, the seats have been filled. Happy racing!