Topic: High Plains Drifter!

Roll call/pot luck discussion!  Gonna be great weather 50-80 degrees!  I'll have my teal bike ready to cruise the pits with and  my purple Miata ready to rip up the race tack with!  We'll have our specially "Cheaty Chicken Chili" for your hunger at the potluck!  Come see us in awesome garage spot #1 and say hi to us and our pups!

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Re: High Plains Drifter!

Savage Orchid is coming ready to whip up Pancakes, Bacon, and a Lemon Maple Whiskey concoction. As you might surmise, there's a lumberjack theme in the works. What's the chances the powers that be would allow a log splitting competition? Useless prizes would be involved.

edit: for clarity, i'm 100% aware that the log splitting competition would be a bad idea, lol.

Re: High Plains Drifter!

We're bringing pizza again!! The line was so long last time, we're stepping up our game and bringing two pizza ovens. I'm looking forward to the weekend!