Topic: Buttonwillow Pajama Paddock Party Saturday!

Looking forward to helping punctuate what is more-or-less my 10year anniversary race with Lemons by hosting the paddock party at the 2019 Buttonwillow race!

Who: YOU!
What: Pot Luck Party
When: Saturday, Sept 28 6:30ish until the cows (Sheep?) go home
Where: In Front of Garages 5-8 (Lemons HQ and the 3 garages next to it)

As always, we're in the throes of putting together another new car, but I can assure you there will be ambience-a-plenty in front of garages 5-8 (Lemons HQ garage and the 3 garages next to it) including music and appropriate mood lighting. If you want to fit in, dress for the occasion in your favorite Lingerie / Pajamas!

Or if your team has a KILLER THEME, come dressed in your team costumes. Prizes Awarded for best attire!

Please bring a dish to share. If you need power to keep something hot/warm/cold, shoot me a heads up so we bring enough extension cords / power strips.

HQ will provide the paper and plastic goods necessary for proper party hosting.

I'm sooooooo looking forward to this!

Re: Buttonwillow Pajama Paddock Party Saturday!

I see a Charlie Sheen theme here.... winning!

congrats on 10 years?   or sympathy?

Re: Buttonwillow Pajama Paddock Party Saturday!

Not too late to get those last minute Amazon orders in for Entertaining Nighttime Apparel!

I've got some interesting things popping up in the "recommended items" sidebars, now...