Topic: Team Safety Third/Kim Jong Elantra seat at Buttonwillow...

Follow Dear Leader? Not you. You could be driving for the Dear Leader. Those other schmucks will be following you!!!

You could pilot the Kim Jong Elantra around Buttonwillow this month! Join a team that has their priorities straight...the car is safe, quick, and terrible. Team is well-prepared, careful, and fun. Judges like us. At least we think they do.

Cost will be less than $700 for the weekend, plus your license. $600 is probably closer to the mark. We amortize the cost of wear items over several races and share costs very equitably.

The car is well-sorted but is getting a major going-over right now. It has been very reliable and very fun to drive. Won "C" at Arse Freeze last year. Easy to run top 10 in "B" if we keep out of trouble. We have had several rookie drivers do quite well with us. Our class win was with a rookie driver.

Seat is adjustable and the car fits a variety of body types. If anything, the seat may be a little wide and require some foam pads to snug up the most slender of drivers.

Questions? Please email me through the forum.


Re: Team Safety Third/Kim Jong Elantra seat at Buttonwillow...

Seat is taken...